Owning my own business had always been a dream of mine. I started my career in the buying side of retail, but eventually found myself needing a change which brought me into the floral industry. My love for flowers and plants comes from my grandmother, Meme, and has grown more and more with each opportunity I get to create something special for my clients.

I moved to the West Coast with big dreams and ended up working in the floral industry for some of the coolest jobs I ever could have imagined; installations at Coachella, weekly floral designs for a-list celebs, NFL Player Summer Social and the Spotify Grammy Awards to name a few.These were some of the most humbling and beautiful collaborations I have ever experienced and been a part of, and I am eternally grateful for my time in LA for bringing me those opportunities.

Fast forward to the global pandemic which changed it all. Coming back home, I found out this little beach bungalow was going to soon be vacant and available to rent. It was a sign that I couldn't ignore and I completely went for it! With that I bring to you Innerbloom, what I hope is a beautifully unique floral + botanical design and shopping experience; a curation of flowers, plants and home products that I have handpicked for you.


I found Meredith’s shop shortly after she opened in the summer of 2020 and quickly became a loyal customer. Months later, I was approaching summer break from teaching High School English and jumped at the chance to come on board at Innerbloom. What started off as a fun summer side-job quickly turned into a new passion. Half way through the fall of 2021, I had decided that I needed a change from my teaching career, which was something I never thought would happen. Meredith brought me on full time in February 2022 as the shop’s manager and there’s been no looking back!

My parents always had a love for flowers and their gardens. My background in art and painting has helped me to understand and learn about composition and color when arranging flowers. When I think back on my experiences before coming to Innerbloom, all roads lead me here.


Can't decide what to send? Want to learn more about what plants + arrangements we have to offer? Have an event you need an install for? Let us help!

Give us a call at 410-390-5666 or send us an email to info@innerbloomfloral.com.






Same day delivery is available for plants and arrangements, so long as orders are placed by 2pm est. All deliveries placed after 3pm est will be available for next day delivery. We deliver 7 days a week, including Sundays!

We deliver within 30 miles of our OCMD location.

If the person receiving the arrangement is not home, we will leave the flowers in a safe spot out of direct sunlight + send a text or call to let them know where the order was placed. We will also be sure to take a picture for our records in case of any confusion.

Please provide as much information for our driver as possible including a good phone number, gate code or any special delivery instructions. If we have trouble making the delivery & we can't get in touch with the sender or the recipient, we will bring the flowers back to our shop cooler & re-attempt the next business day. We will be in touch with you by phone or email asap if we have an issue making the delivery. Please note, we do charge for a 2nd delivery attempt or instead, you may choose pick up the flowers from our shop to avoid the extra fee.

Feel free to reach out for more info by phone at 410-390-5666 or email us at info@innerbloomfloral.com


With various seasonal and regional conditions, and the variety of unplanned issues courtesy of Mother Nature, availability of some flowers may be limited at times. Also, specific flower varieties or colors may not be available for delivery on a specified day. Therefore, it is possible that the exact bouquet pictured or requested may not be available for delivery.

In this event, the we will deliver an arrangement with similar flowers and a container of equal value and style. Every effort will be made to maintain the size, shape, and overall color schemes of an arrangement, but there may be some variance due to designer interpretation. In single variety arrangements, variety will take preference over color. Our goal is to put your satisfaction first, so every effort will be made to provide an arrangement of equal or greater value.